Monday, 4 October 2010

Deification of Celebrities

What on earth is going on!? The deification of celebrities is a bizarre and dark modern trend. Watch any episode of the X-Factor and you see the camera zoom in on Cheryl Coles fake face, it glows in a soft focus light. Its like she is a being of light emanating pure wisdom. In reality, anyone with half a brain knows she is a violent racist halfwit who "likes half-cast people" ...what ever that means.
Take a look at Kylie Minogues Aphrodite album (but dont listen to it). She is making a Jesus like arms open pose on the cover. More deification of celebrities.

Celebrities are often seemingly immune from the law, they can beat people up, drink and drive, murder people and will receive, meaningless fines, token jail sentences of a couple of weeks in a private cell or simply get off with it all together.

The public spend time, energy and money trying to look like them, act like them, be them. Come to my home town of Liverpool and you will see plenty of Jordan Katie Price clones and their alarmingly Alex "thicko" Reid look-a-like, cage fighter wannabe boyfriends.

Celebrity is the new opiate of the masses, religion is dead and Simon Cowell is moving into the Church. Its creepier than religion ever was and it has to by a symptom of a diseased society. Please post your thoughts on the deification of celebrities.

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